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10 Investments to Boost Your Home's Value (page 5 of 5)

Licensed Realtors and DIY Network's remodeling experts Matt Blashaw and Nicole Curtis have a little he-said/she-said conversation about the best home improvement investments.

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2. Basement or Attic Renovation

  If you have a basement or a big attic, finish it out.  Whether it's making the man cave of your dreams or an extra bedroom for your ever-expanding family, finishing your basement or attic can inject instant equity and square footage into your home.  Just make sure a permit is pulled and all the codes are followed.  If not, the square footage may not be added to the rest of the house and may not be considered a "livable" space.  Different states have different codes, so make sure to hire a contractor that's on the ball.

Nicole: This is one that I would disagree with having so high on the list.  I think overall basements are a gamble.  Attic space to master suite — yes.  Basements are more likely to help you sell, but usually buyers will not pay more for them.  If a house is small and lacking space, sometimes.

1. Kitchen Is King

And sometimes queen.  Unless your home is falling down around you, the smartest place to put your hard-earned dough is in the kitchen.  When I hold an open house, the first thing buyers do is make a beeline to the kitchen.  That's where all the "magic" happens, so to speak.  Now, I can give you the whole speech about putting down tile, stone, nice under-mount sink and yada yada yada.  We have all heard it a million times over to put stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.  We get it!  Instead think about your layout and workspace.  They call it the triangle.  Basically it is the space where your cook area, sink and dishwasher meet to create an effortless flow when working.  How far is your cooktop from your sink?  Is your dishwasher close to the sink?  Are you tripping over stools and a butcher-block table to get from one corner of the triangle to the other?  If you have the means to invest some money into your kitchen, make sure to place all your new toys into a nice flowing workspace.

Nicole: I totally agree. I have seen so many people put in expensive goodies and never fix the bad flow. Spend the money on the layout — it never goes out of style. If you have a great layout, plugging in new appliances, hardware and cabinets can be quick and easy.