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Handmade Guitar Special

Episode DHMG-S

This one-hour special chronicles the making of one custom guitar. Noted luthier Lynn Dudenbostel builds a classic handmade guitar in the style of the famous Martin D-28. Follow every step of the process, from searching out and harvesting a rare red spruce tree to get the wood for the guitar top through the design and creation of the guitar body and neck to the final assembly and custom finish. Lynn explains and demonstrates the special tools, woods and glues used to create this beautiful custom instrument. The guitar ends up in the hands of members of the Bluegrass band Kentucky Thunder for the final test: playing this wonderful, handmade instrument.

NOTE: This one-hour special includes material drawn from four regular half-hour episodes in DIY's series Handmade Music. Follow the episode links below for the full and unabridged online content -- the complete story -- of the construction of the Dudenbostel guitar. Also, check out the WEB-EXTRA page listed below where you can download songs heard in the series.

Handmade Guitar, Part I

Handmade Guitar, Part II

Handmade Guitar, Part III

Handmade Guitar, Part IV

WEB EXTRA: Handmade Music Song Downloads


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