DIY Network

Welcome to the Jungle

Episode DGFI-504

The Reuters and their precocious daughters refer to their backyard as "The Jungle." There's poison ivy, weeds, leaves, compost&you name it&it's all taking over the area. There is a play set for the girls on one side of the yard, but with the all the debris and rocks, playing on it is not that safe. Instead of fighting the theme, Jackie and Dean work with it and create a fun, safe "jungle" atmosphere in the Reuters' yard that will give both the parents and the kids an area to unwind. First, they clear out the area. Then they install rubber mulch around the play structure and move out to create a pathway and seating area for the adults. But not just any seating area. This one's decked out with tiki torches, a custom-built picnic table, ceramic plant containers, an umbrella and bamboo fencing. They thought what they HAD was a jungle. Welcome to the Grounds for Improvement safari!


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