DIY Network

The Backyard Bog Fix

Episode DGFI-502UH

Matt and Melissa Smith are a recently married couple living in a newly purchased home. One of the reasons they bought the house was because they love to entertain friends and felt the backyard was a perfect setting for social gatherings. But once they moved into their new digs they noticed there was a problem. After every rain the hill leading from the upper patio to the backyard would remain slick and swampy for days and getting from the top patio to the backyard became very dangerous. So Jackie and Dean come to the rescue to make the dangerous hill not only more user friendly but also much more attractive using a range of classic and innovative building materials. They take shovels to the hill beginning the excavation process and make room for the stone pavers and wood timber staircase frames. To tackle the swampy problem a bog garden is constructed using native boulders, pea stone gravel and Siberian irises and ferns, which thrive in wet conditions.


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