DIY Network

Shade Sails

Episode DGFI-302

The lives of Cindy and Preston Farabow, a sculpture artist, revolve around their two children and so does their backyard. While the large fenced-in area is kid-friendly, there is no shaded space where adults can relax. And the sculpture garden that Preston created for Cindy when they were expecting their first child suffers from years of neglect. So Grounds for Improvement has developed a plan to create a dramatic, shady area that will complement Preston's unique sculptures. Three triangular shade sails are installed above a checkerboard patio area of pavers and tumbled green glass, topped off by Preston's newly created hammock frame. In the sculpture garden, long-lost pieces of art are reclaimed, overgrown plants and shrubs are trimmed and tamed and Preston's newest work of art is installed to transform their backyard living space.


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