DIY Network

Rubber Meets the Road

Episode DGFI-505

Since moving into their home the Sagraves have spent all their time and money on remodeling the interior. As a result, the front yard has been neglected and the entrance to their home a cause for much embarrassment. Poor lighting, no connection between the drive and the porch, and no color are the main problems. According to Dave, a few neighbors have even made comments. It's getting awkward, and they need help. So Jackie and Dean's plan is to connect the driveway to the front porch entrance with an innovative rubber sidewalk material. Then they'll help the couple re-route some of the existing lawn lighting and add some porch posts and new lighting that will give the area a new sense of warmth. Strategically placed shrubs and flowers will make the space much more inviting and turn the front yard into the hit of the neighborhood.


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