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Path to the Pavilion

Episode DGFI-601

Joey Cody and her family (husband and 2 young kids) moved into their house only a year ago, with plans of entertaining friends in the backyard. But their busy family life and work schedules have pushed off any grand plans for major landscaping projects. They'd love to have some shade, color, and a place for entertaining, but have no idea where to begin and certainly no idea what to do with the big red garage that sits in the middle of their yard. We're going to keep part of the garage for storage, but remove a few sections of wall and turn it into a covered outdoor pavilion. We cut out a couple wall sections and the access door, move them back and re-install them. Then we use cedar and pressure-treated lumber to create a cozy outdoor pavilion with the new exposed area that faces the house. After that, cedar steps that lead down from the pavilion to a path made of recycled brick pavers set into the existing grass. The path runs from the new pavilion to the back stoop of the house. After adding some colorful planting beds around the pavilion, and introducing some new furniture for the covered dining area, the job is complete.


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