DIY Network

Heavy Metal Meets Playground Fun in a Concrete Yard

Episode DGFI-406

The Tallman's are a sweet young couple with a fun-loving 2 year-old, Jacob, but live in a duplex that has a tiny concrete yard. The view from the living room is of an ugly back fence and not much else, and when their son plays in the yard, he often comes back with a knee-full of cuts and scrapes. So Jackie and Dean show the Tillman's that you don't need to have grass to have a yard that's modern-looking and designed for the whole family. A one-of-a-kind playground material is installed on the concrete while Dean shows hip homeowner Buck how to use heavy metal to screen off their dreadful fence. A few planters are made from redwood and a material common on most livestock farms, but how will they keep the soil inside the box?! Both a modern dining set and Jacob's reaction to the new play surface are sure to bring a smile to mom and dad's face!


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