DIY Network

From Dirt to Dog Training Course With Seating for Mom

Episode DGFI-405

Jennifer Bitterman's Los Angeles yard has seen better days. And with an active son, Jordan, and a hyper canine companion, Blue, having a yard filled with nothing but dirt has made the area an even bigger frustration. So Jackie and Dean arrive with tools and a plan to give the entire space a facelift with something in the design for every member of the family. After installing concrete pavers for a new barbecue area, everyone pitches in and lays sod and plants unique free trees from a local city organization throughout the yard. Even Jordan pitches in, but not without getting his hands dirty. Once it's time to break out the dog training tools, Jackie gives the equipment a test run with Jordan...and garners a few chuckles. But will Blue think his new high-tech getup is worth smiling about?


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