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Enchanting Gateway Between Friends

Episode DGFI-503

They say fences make good neighbors. But when you're seven years old and your best friend lives on the other side, a six foot wooden fence is just plain in the way. So Lori Manis wanted a creative solution to allow her daughter to play with her neighbor while giving both she and her neighbor an area of their yard worth bragging about. So after determining the best place to tear down the barrier - or fence - Grounds for Improvement removed a few key segments of fencing and put a beautiful teak trellis arbor and gate in their place, blending the new arbor with the old fencing. Flowering trees, shrubs and flowering vines decorated both sides of the arbor. And to bring nature into the equation, host, Jackie Taylor worked with Lori and the two girls to create a few beautiful works of yard art - mosaic birdbaths. With the assistance of some dedicated neighbors and friends, Grounds For Improvement helped Lori Manis transform a barrier into a beautiful gateway.

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