DIY Network

Courtyard Color Craze

Episode DGFI-509

Harold and Tracey Burnett, a young couple with 2 year-old twins, have a beautiful Spanish house in Los Angeles. It has many of the architectural accents many home buyers-to be dream of. The problem is their front entrance and courtyard leave much to be desired. The colors don't work, there's too much concrete and bare walls, and there's no inviting feel. So Jackie and Dean help them create curb appeal and zap the area with color that better complements the home's overall style. They bust up the front walk and put in sod and flagstone to create a softer entrance. Then the crew paints part of the interior walls of the courtyard, installs a wall fountain against the new color, and adds some cobalt blue planters that will pop against the bright yellow color of the house. After replacing their drab planting beds with more appropriate shrubs, the work is done.


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