DIY Network

Concrete Jungle to Sri Lankan Paradise

Episode DGFI-605

After completing an extensive interior home remodel, Suranga and Eruni Ganewatte have turned their attention to their bleak backyard. They know they want the backyard to reflect their Sri Lankan heritage, but their attempts to add a tropical flair have failed. With a second baby just a few months away, they are under pressure to make this concrete jungle into a family-friendly haven for relaxation. Luckily, Dean and Jackie are ready to rescue this family a rainforest of ideas. There's tropical composite decking to pattern with redwood decking to break up the concrete, and a hot tub makeover complete with beautiful bamboo paneled skirting and a thatched roof. And Eruni will finally get the herb garden she has dreamed of, along with loads of tropical plants. There are family-friendly updates galore as the Ganewattes and their friends get this backyard ready, just in time for the newest family member to see her new home!


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