DIY Network

Butterflies and Batter Up!

Episode DGFI-506UH

Bill and Samantha Parker have three athletic kids and a large backyard, known in the family as "the football field." In their old house in Florida, Samantha had a great butterfly garden. They're looking to create a new butterfly garden while they're transforming their yard into a multi-sport complex. They clear out a space for the butterfly garden by cutting out and removing the existing sod around the back of the house. Then they get started on the playing field by putting together bleachers for all of their kids' adoring fans& namely Bill and Samantha. Construction of the butterfly garden continues with the addition of plants and special butterfly houses which will serve as homes for their new winged neighbors. The sports field is completed with a football goal post, a bench for the team, and a multi-sport cage perfect for both baseball and golf practice


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