DIY Network

Home Gym Garage

Episode DGML-105

Laurence and Tanya Brown's life changed drastically with the arrival of their baby girl. Making time to work out has become a priority and if they can clear the clutter in their garage, they'll finally have the space to do it. We've designed a home gym that will maximize space and give the Brown's the total workout they need. First up a rock climbing wall with a middle section that performs triple duty with a fold-out massage table and Pilates reformer system. Popular Mechanic editor Larry Webster drops by to tackle the monkey bars that will add some variation to the Brown's workout and also a track system to accommodate a punching bag, kick bag, climbing rope, and even a bouncy chair for the Brown's daughter. But not everything is as it seems - a 2 way mirror is added to the front that makes working out and TV viewing possible. Finally, the addition of new carpet, paint, juice bar and a super cool virtual reality exercise bike make this garage the ultimate home gym experience.


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