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How to Prep Before Installing Floor Tiles (page 2 of 2)

Learn how best to lay out and prepare for a tile floor installation.

Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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Soft Floor Tiles

These may be self-adhesive or laid with or without adhesive.

Carpet Tile (Image 1)
Usually laid dry (i.e., without any adhesive).

Vinyl Tile (Image 2)
May be self-adhesive or may need adhesive.

Cork Tile (Image 3)
May be ready-sealed or need sealing once laid.

Hard Tiles

These are available in various materials and sizes.

Porcelain (Image 1)
Laying porcelain tiles normally requires special adhesive or additives to standard adhesive.

Ceramic (Image 2)
A wide range of colors and designs is available, some mimicking natural tiles such as limestone.

Slate (Image 3)
A natural material. Apply sealant to the top surface before laying slate. This prevents excess adhesive from soaking into the tile, making it easier to remove later.

Quarry (Image 4)
A natural material. Seal top surface before use.

Marble (Image 5)
Another type of natural tile.

Wooden Tiles

These are usually patterned and are another form of hard tiles.

Parquet Tile (Image 1)
Gives appearance of traditional parquet design. Installed with adhesive. May be finished, or may need sanding and sealing after application.

Parquet Tile (Tongue-and-Groove) (Image 2)
Tongue-and-groove mechanism locks tile in place. It is laid with adhesive.

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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