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Assessing a Staircase

The experts discuss assessing an existing staircase in order to restore it.

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assessing and restoring an existing staircase

Missing parts
Missing staircase parts will either have to be made or found in a recycle shop. Staircase parts can also be purchased from manufacturers assuming the parts match the staircase.

Damaged parts
Most damaged staircase parts can be repaired, especially where the wood will be painted. Stained and varnished wood may also be repaired with greater difficulty and wood-grain matching skills.

Wood finish
Cleaning and conditioning varnished surfaces will often restore the finish on a wooden staircase. Painted surfaces may be cleaned, lightly sanded and repainted. This is the preferred method, as it will save the historic patina of the original surface. You can also restore the finish by stripping and refinishing varnished and painted surfaces. Sometimes the poor condition of the finish may require this method. However, this method is much more time consuming.