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5 Ways to Personalize Tile Flooring

Host Jeff Wilson and guests show five ways for personalizing tile flooring.

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"choose from variety of borders,patterns and

Host Jeff Wilson and guests Tim Malo, Doug Adamson and Kim Roberts cover all of the basics of installing a tile floor, from choosing the right kind of color and size to creating a design.

There are basically five ways to tile that can be mixed and matched to create a personalized installation for a home:

1. Color
2. Direction -- it can be straight set, diamond-shaped, etc.
3. Size -- to be able to offset the tile by using two or more sizes.
4. Borders, patterns and insets
5. Relief and texture. This means creating a three-dimensional effect on a wall or countertop installation behind a splash. On a floor, mix glossy tiles with textured tiles.

A square room is probably the easiest room to design. A couple of things to keep in mind is to look up and see what the soffits are doing. Some of the most beautiful installations are to follow the soffit with a border around the room. You can also create a solid border and turn a tile in the middle of it. This would create a custom look but cost little to do.

Note: A porcelain tile from Crossville Ceramics called "Gentry Gold" features a unique sealant called "Cross-Sheen" that is baked into the tile at the factory and eliminates the need to seal the tile during the installation.