DIY Network

Finally a Home

Episode DFCN-108H

Tune In

  • August 09, 2013

    12:30 PM e/p

It's been a long journey, and the Bryks have reached the end of their renovation budget. With the master bedroom and bathroom, plus the basement, still to complete, they have decided that they will need to go just a bit over budget to finish the house once and for all. With some cost-saving design decisions and a number of DIY projects that almost bring Greg and Danielle to the breaking point, the family is able to cross the renovation finish line solely on fumes. To them, it has all been worth it. It's been eight months, four floors, a few leaks and a lot of fun - but more importantly, they were able to do it as a family. And now, for the first time, the Bryks aren't just living in a house; they're living in their home.


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