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Experts Showcase: Caves and Garages

Man Caves

Man Caves

Take a photo tour of the best man cave makeovers from DIY pro Jason Cameron.

Explore the Caves

Great Garages

Garage Pictures

From home gyms to wine cellars: get ideas on how to transform your garage.

Maximize Play Space

Man Cave Must-Haves

Man Caves with Pool Tables and Bars

Pool tables, bars, guitars, poker tables, high-tech electronics, kegs, etc.

We've Got Them All

Garages Gone Wild
Garage Mahal Pictures of Remodeled Garages

Bill Goldberg and his Garage Mahal team turn wasted spaces into livable places.

Add Square Footage: Convert a Garage

Meaningful Man Caves
Man Caves with a Meaning

These homeowners have shown how to take their passion to a whole new level.

Caves With a Passion

Celebrity Man Caves
Celebrity Man Caves

Sports stars and celebrities need man caves too. See what we've created for them.

Go Ahead and Take a Peek

Themes and Teams
Man Cave Theme Ideas

The DIY Network pros have created man caves based on themes and favorite sports teams.

Fan Caves

Caves for Relaxation
Man Caves Made for Relaxing

Want a space where you can go and just relax? Find ideas for outfitting your cave.

Build a Hideaway


Man Cave Video Tips

DIY Experts

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    Carpenter and electrician Marc Bartolomeo creates dream kitchens.

  • BATHtastic


    Licensed Contractor Matt Muenster shares amazing bathroom design tips.

  • Yard Crashers

    Yard Crashers

    Licensed landscape contractor Ahmed Hassan ambushes homeowners and transforms their outdoor spaces.

  • Indoors Out

    Indoors Out

    Stonemasons and contractors Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns think outside the box to build fun and functional backyards.

  • Man Caves

    Man Caves

    Licensed contractor Jason Cameron turns blah basements into manly retreats.

  • Mega Dens

    Mega Dens

    Interior designer Anitra Mecadon creates over-the-top rec-room sanctuaries.