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House Crashers

Stunned homeowners win the remodeling lottery with eye-popping transformations.

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DIY Experts

Sweat Equity

Renovate your home with Amy Matthews.

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Mondays 9pm/8c

Bath Crashers

Matt Muenster crashes and trashes bathrooms, transforming them into stunning, modern spaces.


How-To Videos

1-4 of 4 Outdoors Videos

  1. Stone Paver Patio

    Stone Paver Patio (00:07:40)

    An old wooden deck is replaced with a sleek new concrete-paver version.

  2. Stained Concrete Patio

    Stained Concrete Patio (07:28)

    A swampy backyard gets a facelift with a new patio of stained concrete.

  3. Poolside Patio Oasis

    Poolside Patio Oasis (11:59)

    The team steps in to salvage a patio cover that failed inspection.

  4. Garden Bamboo Trellis

    Garden Bamboo Trellis (00:01:12)

    Make a simple bamboo trellis, and learn how to find natural plant supports.

1-6 of 6 Kitchen Videos

  1. Create a Custom Bookshelf

    Create a Custom Bookshelf (01:00)

    Marc Bartolomeo shows how to build a stunning custom bookcase.

  2. Build Your Own Wine Rack

    Build Your Own Wine Rack (00:01:00)

    Marc Bartolomeo shows how to build a custom wine rack.

  3. Transform a Wall into Art

    Transform a Wall into Art (01:00)

    Marc Bartolomeo uses brick veneer to transform a wall into a work of art.

  4. Ceiling Beams

    Ceiling Beams (01:00)

    Marc Bartolomeo shows how to add faux beams to a ceiling.

  5. Install Wainscoting

    Install Wainscoting (01:00)

    Marc Bartolomeo shows how to install ipe, or Brazilian walnut, wainscoting.

  6. Tile Plank Flooring

    Tile Plank Flooring (01:00)

    Marc Bartolomeo updates a floor by installing porcelain plank tiles.

1-6 of 6 10 Things Videos

  1. How to Get Strong Edges

    How to Get Strong Edges (01:05)

    Make sure your lawn doesn't encroach on your garden with a strong edging.

  2. Landscape Maintenance

    Landscape Maintenance (02:26)

    Keep your lifestyle in mind when you're planning a landscape.

  3. Color in the Landscape

    Color in the Landscape (01:20)

    There are other ways besides flowers to incorporate color into a landscape.

  4. Mudding and Taping

    Mudding and Taping (01:24)

    Here's why novices shouldn't try to mud and tape the way the experts do.

  5. Retaining Wall Materials

    Retaining Wall Materials (01:58)

    There are any number of types of materials available for retaining walls.

  6. Curved Walls

    Curved Walls (01:10)

    Think a straight wall's easier to build than a curved one? Think again!