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A regular on the stage and screen, host Bronson Pinchot has a secret life. When he's not in front of the camera, he is knee-deep in salvaged materials as he meticulously restores homes and buildings he's collected in rural Harford, Pa. His passion for design and restoration is captured in the quirky series The Bronson Pinchot Project. The Yale-educated star's passion for restoration cultivated when he began collecting architectural salvage in the late '80s. After completing several West Coast projects, Bronson purchased an 1840s Greek revival house in the rural community of Harford in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This restoration inspired him to take on more projects in the area, including the purchase of five houses, two stores, a former Oddfellows hall and the local post office. Throughout the series, Bronson renovates three eye-catching properties using timeworn materials and irreplaceable antiques to bring warmth, interest and likability to the space. From assembling different pieces of rescued materials in a process he likes to call "Frankensteining" to attaching sticky notes to himself to remember his punch list, Bronson brings restoration to a whole new level with his signature quirkiness and dramatic flair. And he proves how easy it is to step back in time 200 years, preserving a whole lot of history with a little bit of modern determination.