DIY Network

Design Decisions

Episode DRH-1607F

In spite of a soaring budget, family clashes and time quickly running out, Kelli Smith and James Ladd still plan to host Thanksgiving dinner at their dream house. It's decision-making time, but with Kelli's indecisiveness, a designer is called in to help her focus. What is supposed to be a watertight surface on a deck turns into an expensive mistake that has to be removed. A surprise inspection results in a surprise meeting for contractor B.R. Smith and James at city hall, and more money being spent on a sprinkler system. The one design choice that has been made turns into a big disappointment for Kelli when the exterior stonework she selected turns out looking pink. B.R. gets to show off the build to his wife, who's amazed with the views but alarmed by the cost.


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