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11 How-Tos From Disaster House

  1. 11. How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

    One of the most common and frustrating fixes for a homeowner is a clogged toilet. We had an 8,000-pound African elephant help us seriou...

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About This Show

As other networks build and improve on homes, DIY Network actually has the guts to totally destroy its very own house just to repair it! Disaster House suffers very real damage like dropping a half-ton piano from almost 10 stories high, sponsoring the first sanctioned roller derby inside the living room, and having Page, an 8,000-pound African Elephant, help clog the toilet. These outrageous experiments accelerate the typical wear and tear a house incurs and mimic common catastrophes so viewers can discover what it takes to repair some of the biggest mishaps homeowners face today.


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