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Last House Standing: Premieres Friday, March 30 at 11pm/10c Full Schedule

About This Show

Last House Standing is a one-hour special that shows homeowners everything they need to know about being pro-active about protecting their homes from hurricane-force winds, torrential rains and devastating earthquakes. Host Kayleen McCabe (Rescue Renovation) talks with experts around the country who construct the sturdiest homes around, as well as advising homeowners how to make their current homes stronger prior to storm season. Included throughout the special will be extreme weather expert and meteorologist Bonnie Schneider, author of Extreme Weather (Macmillan 2012). Bonnie will not only illustrate how powerful Mother Nature can be through the explanation of recent events, but will also provide historical context to the current trend of extreme — and unprecedented — weather conditions in the U.S.

About the Host

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