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Spruce Up a Deck With a Painted "Rug" (page 2 of 3)

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and see how exterior paint and painter's tape can breathe new life into an old deck.

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Reposition Tape

Once the painted "rug" is dry to the touch, slowly peel back painter's tape. Touch up any bleed marks using 2-inch paintbrush. Reposition tape along inside edge of area rug.

Tape Border

Use tape measure to determine dimensions of border. Jot dimensions down on notepad. Referring to notes, mark the border dimensions directly onto deck with pencil and straightedge. Using pencil marks as guide, press painter's tape directly along outside edge of mark.

Paint Border

Pour exterior paint into pan liner placed in paint pan. Add roller cover to paint roller, then add two thorough coats of area rug color directly to deck.

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