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10 Kitchen Cabinet Tips

DIY experts share 10 things you should know about kitchen cabinets.

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correct gaps in between wall and cabinet
Photo 10 of 10To correct gaps in between the wall and cabinet, use the scribe that comes with the cabinets.

A Cabinet Filler Piece(10 of 10)

1. Don't sweat the little gaps. All cabinets come with a scribe, or filler piece, for where the kitchen cabinets meet the wall. Most walls are not straight and this allows for a neat finish where any contours in the wall are taken up. Also, a scribe piece keeps the drawers and doors a little away from the wall, so all of the moving parts in the kitchen don't touch the wall.

Extra Tips:

Hinges, knobs and drawer slides should be of excellent quality. Get durable hardware because with moving parts, they wear down with time. Having a better quality part will ensure a longer life.
Complete the installation with laziness. A 'Lazy Susan' can add accessibility to those hard to reach items in the corner cabinets. A Lazy Susan is a turntable that's installed in a kitchen cabinet that rotates to allow easy access to everything in the cabinet.
Beware of staples. Staples will pull apart. Get cabinets with thick panels that have been corner blocked and glued, or fastened with screws.

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