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Kitchen Sink Options

Kitchen life revolves around the sink, the major workstation in the room. There are many options when it comes to kitchen-sink design. Host Jeff Wilson shares the different options of kitchen sinks.

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pedal controlled faucet prevents spread of germs
Photo 4 of 4A pedal controlled sink faucet prevents the spread of germs.

Pedal Controlled Sink Faucet(4 of 4)

Consider the faucets when choosing a sink. There are several faucet options as far as finishes go. There's polished brass, nickel, brushed nickel and chrome. Be sure that the faucet is compatible with the design of the sink.

An alternative to the typical faucet fixture is to go with a pedal controlled faucet, which makes functionality easier. This design is often used in hospitals to cut down on the spread of germs.