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Tips for Choosing the Right Countertop

There are many more options for countertops than laminate. Here are some tips on how to choose a countertop that's right for you.

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copper makes an unusual countertop choice
Photo 4 of 4Warm, glowing copper makes an unusual countertop choice. Its pliability makes it a good choice for design details that would be very expensive to create in stone.

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Zinc, another countertop option, looks similar to stainless steel but stains and dents easily, unlike stainless steel. Zinc is favored by those who welcome the look of materials aged by everyday use.

A copper countertop lends a warm glow to any kitchen. A very pliable material, copper can be bent to create an interesting countertop edge -- for example, a bullnose -- that would be very expensive and time-consuming to make out of stone.