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How To Make a Hideaway Video Projector Box (page 2 of 2)

Learn how to replace a flimsy shelf with a sleek, ceiling-mounted projector box, sometimes called a mantis box.

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Here's How to Do it:

Step 5: Cut the Box and Add Supports

Cut the box in half horizontally along the opening line. Attach small pieces of scrap wood, if desired, to the inside floor of the box to keep the projector in position. Prime and paint the box as desired.

Step 6: Add the Hardware

Place the two halves of the mantis box together and join with four small, expanding aluminum legs. Use screws to attach the legs. Also attach a latch to hold the bottom and top of the box closed when the projector is not in use.

Step 7: Attach the Box to the Ceiling

Use screws to attach the mantis box to the ceiling joists. If there aren't joists in the correct position, screw a ledger board into the joists across the box location, then screw the box into the joists.

Step 8: Install the Screen

Mount the projector screen to the ceiling using two eye hooks; mount the hooks into ceiling joists for greater stability.

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