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Novel Nursery

Episode DTTR-312F

Tom and Nicole Olschewske want a real nursery for their toddler son, Colby. The plain white walls are bad enough, but Tom tried cutting out a door to access some attic storage space and now they have an ugly hole in the wall. Not knowing how to fix it, the Olschewske’s have left the room plain and dreary for 18 months. Now the room is cold, drafty, and dull.

The DIY to the Rescue team is ready to help this family make a real nursery. First, host Karl Champley and Amy Devers teach Tom and Nicole how to cut out a proper opening and install a real door to access the storage space. Then carpenter Nathan Haun brings in an energy efficiency expert to help show Tom how to seal up the room and keep it warm. A upholstered toy box/bench seat combo is contructed in the corner, while new furniture and decorative touches brighten the nursery.

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