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Episode DDOM-102H

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  • October 07, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

Three highly skilled welders, with the help of an assistant, compete to create the most incredible 12' wide decorative metal gate in just five hours. Brent Howard, 32, Brooklyn N.Y., Vallessa Monk, 43, Queens, N.Y., and Joel Ifill, 23, Ann Arbor Mich., are each instructed to design their gates to these simple specifications: look great and include a very strong latch. With limited time, the frequent power outages caused by the constant run of the welding machines make it almost impossible to complete. Adding to the frustration, host Chris Grundy tosses in a twist. To test the strength of the latch, a wrecking ball is aimed right at it and the aftermath is observed. The judges take the design, the quality of the welds, and stress test results all into account before anointing the winner the title of DIY Dominator. Judges include Myron Delgado, certified welding instructor, Ira Sherman, artist, metalsmith and owner of Sherman Sculpture and Dan Spencer, custom metal fabricator/designer and owner of Concept Object Inc.


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