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Episode DDOM-105H

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  • October 28, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

Three professional masons compete in a six-hour challenge to see how can build the coolest brick wall and arched entryway. The walls must be a minimum of 6'x8' with a variety of colors, sizes, opening and bricklaying patterns. The arched opening next to the wall must be at least three courses thick but can include any pattern in the brick design. Competitors Pascal Robertson, 46, Sorrento, Fla., Justin Jakubisin, 31, Columbia Station, Ohio, and Trint Pierce, 28, Spanish Fork, Utah, all have impressive experience on the job and have competed in regional and national speed bricklaying competitions. In this challenge, DIY Network's competitors choose some difficult stone work, as one of them includes glass block and a water feature, and another includes a semi-circular wall. Host Chris Grundy has a surprise twist to test the strength of their arch: it has to withstand a 2700-pound concrete resting on it. The results are astounding and it all comes into play when the judges award the title DIY Dominator. Judges for this competition are Michael Schuller, structural engineer and technical consultant with the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute, Jim Serowski, a 30-year Mason/Bricklayer and member of the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute's Board of Directors and Val Williams, an architect with Davis Partnership.


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