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Episode DDOM-106H

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  • November 04, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

Three incredibly talented landscapers bring their designs to life by creating a themed garden on a 20'x20' indoor plot of land. In this six-hour challenge, contestants must begin from scratch with only a retaining wall and a huge mound of dirt. The landscape must include 40 square feet of sod, a specimen tree, eight shrubs, one boulder, a minimum number of annuals and perennials and one-quarter of the area must be at least three feet high. Each contestant chooses a landscape that somehow reflects the various regions they are all from. Terry Mulrooney, 45, San Francisco, Calif., creates his "Eden" in a beach theme complete with a hillside of tropical plants, a bubbling water feature, a hammock strung from a pergola and a sandy beach area with a fire pit. Alyssa Shanley, 36, Denver, Colo., creates a "yoga garden" with sculptural shaped plants reflecting yoga poses and a flat space for yoga practice enclosed by a berm planted with aspen trees and grasses. Derek Thomas, 45, Washington, D.C., creates a hillside "English cottage garden" with a stone pond, flagstone pathway, grassy seating area, and a floral bed bursting with color. Throughout the competition, problems arise with Terry and Derek's water features, Alyssa has a problem moving stones for her walls while everyone has to alter their project to finish on time. The judges are critical of plant choices, design plans and finishing touches. Host Chris Grundy makes things tougher when he announces they have to add ornaments to their gardens. It's a race to see who can grab the best ornaments and leave behind the unsightly, like the pink flamingoes and the garden gnome. Guest judges include Keith Anderson, landscape architect and owner of Terra Bella, Paul Hartman, landscape contractor and owner of Changing Landscapes, Inc. and Courtney McRickard, landscape architect and owner of Principal/ Three Sixty Design.


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