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September 02, 4:00 pm
Arrested Renovation
September 02, 4:30 pm
Battered Basement
September 02, 5:00 pm
Little Sister, Big Reno
September 02, 5:30 pm
Hairy Scary Reno
September 02, 6:00 pm
The Ugly Deck-ling
September 02, 6:30 pm
Slacker Siding
September 02, 7:00 pm
Bunkhouse Breakdown
September 02, 7:30 pm
Drop of Death
September 07, 7:00 am
Kitchen Calamity
September 07, 7:30 am
Tiling Crackdown
August 12, 5:00 pm
Arrested Renovation
August 12, 5:30 pm
Off the Beaten Bath
August 12, 6:00 pm
Bathroom Cop Out
August 12, 6:30 pm
Busted Brother
August 12, 7:00 pm
*Junky Bunkie
August 12, 7:30 pm
Apalling Apprentice
July 15, 5:00 pm
Battered Basement
July 15, 5:30 pm
Little Sister, Big Reno
July 15, 6:00 pm
Hairy Scary Reno
July 15, 6:30 pm
Bunkhouse Breakdown

About This Show

Disaster DIY is a show about do-it-yourselfers who have failed at their own home renovations and are in desperate need of some on-the-job training. Host and contractor Bryan Baeumler arrives to save families from renovation disasters and teach DIYers the safe and proper way to fix their mistakes.

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