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Transforming a Radio DJ's Yard Into a TV-worthy Landscape

Episode DDSL-1108H

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  • April 11, 2015

    3:30 PM e/p

  • April 19, 2015

    3:30 PM e/p

  • April 22, 2015

    6:00 PM e/p

Jason Cameron heads to Chicago to help popular morning show DJ Kathy Hart and her husband Billy Baruth fix up their ugly front yard. The family lives in a neighborhood of perfectly manicured front lawns and theirs sticks out with its weeds and hidden front door. Jason brings his calvary to cut down a diseased tree, rip out an ugly sidewalk and paint the brick and wood siding. The landscape design includes a rustic cedar bridge, a Mexican beach pebble dry creek, a custom, curving poplar bench and a custom slate waterfall fountain.


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