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Tips and Tricks For Creating Wall Murals in a Kid's Room (page 1 of 2)

Murals are one of the most popular design elements for children’s bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries. Find out what you need to know whether you plan on DIYing or hiring a pro.

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Whether a homeowner is looking to add a theme or simply create the look and feel of a favorite place, there are many important factors which go into creating murals, whether it’s a DIY project or being completed by a professional muralist. The first thing to consider is placement. Single-wall murals turn one area of the room into a focal point, while all-encompassing murals can turn the entire room into a visual experience. Single-wall murals are more affordable since the amount of labor and materials are both less in comparison to all-encompassing styles. When it comes to deciding if a mural is a better fit for a DIY application versus hiring it out to a professional muralist, it all comes down to the level of detail.

To DIY or Not?

Simple, graphic designs such as silhouettes or letters and phrases involve fewer steps and less attention to detail and are a great choice for homeowners looking to do the mural application themselves. Heavily detailed styles such as landscapes or illustrations are best left to the professionals, not only for the peace of mind knowing the final product will be more polished, but also for the amount of time they take. Professional muralists are so versed in the preparation and application processes that the disruption is minimal in comparison to entire weekends sacrificed by novice homeowners.

Pro Advice

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based muralist Michelle Morse was hired by Marco and Elena Ciotti to transform their two children’s rooms into landscapes. While each room took Michelle two full days, it’s likely the projects would have each taken up to one week if Marco and Elena had attempted to do it themselves. As far as what homeowners should know about the process of hiring a professional muralist, Michelle has shared important tips to keep in mind.

The first thing Michelle, the go-to muralist for the Broward County schools, takes into consideration when pricing out murals is time and location. “I relay to the client how many hours I think it will take based on similar projects I’ve done. On top of that, I also have to account for the distance to and from the location, especially since these days gas is such a huge expense. Lastly, I include any specialty materials needed as well as assistants,” Michelle says.

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