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Kids' Playroom Costume Display and Storage

Do your kids love to put on plays and dress up? Create easy storage that doubles as a display for all their costumes. All you need is some basic DIY skills, a little lumber, pipe fittings and these simple instructions.

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Tools and Materials

To make a costume display, you’ll need: pre-cut strip of 1x6 primed MDF (medium-density fiberboard) trim, stud finder, quart of semigloss paint, 2” angled paintbrush, 8” diameter wooden discs, 8’x4’ sheet of 3/4”-thick paint-grade plywood, jigsaw, drill with a 1” paddle bit and a 1/8” drill bit, compass, 2” stainless- steel wood screws, 1/2” stainless steel wood screws, 1x12” threaded galvanized metal pipes (one per outfit), 1” galvanized metal elbow (one per outfit), galvanized metal flanges (two per outfit), measuring tape, speed square, pencil and a calculator.



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