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Kids' Halloween Costume: How to Make an Ice Cream Cone

Homemade costumes are much sweeter than most store-bought ones. Here is a fun costume you and the kids can make together this Halloween.

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Prep the Ball and Paper Mache

Cut newspaper and brown bags into 4” x 4” or 4” x 6” strips. Cutting the paper into strips is a little time consuming, but it speeds up the process and the results are better. Use two different colors or types of paper to make it easier to identity the different layers. Wrap a beach ball in plastic wrap. This will protect the ball by keeping the paste off it and helps in sliding the mold off when dry. Two to three layers of plastic wrap should be sufficient. Place ball over the basket. Use magic marker to draw a circle around the ball at the point where it meets the basket; this will define the area to cover.



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