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Kids' Halloween Costume: How to Make an Ice Cream Cone

Homemade costumes are much sweeter than most store-bought ones. Here is a fun costume you and the kids can make together this Halloween.

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Tools and Materials

To make an ice cream cone costume, you’ll need: a tall perforated laundry basket/hamper with a tapered bottom; Elmer’s white Glue-All; Ping-Pong balls in assorted colors; 1 roll of tulle in pink or other soft colors; newspapers; 3 to 4 brown paper bags or kraft paper; a red knit hat; 1 green pipe cleaner; white acrylic paint or spray paint; 1 roll of kraft paper; string (optional); 1 packet basket-type coffee filters; scissors; a permanent marker; paintbrushes; a utility knife; pliers; a large inflatable beach ball or Pilates ball; plastic wrap; and a white paper steamer (optional).



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