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How to Turn a Dresser Into a Pet Bed and Nightstand (page 1 of 3)

We gave one old dresser two new purposes: stylish storage and a sleeping space for pets.

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Courtesy of Brian Patrick Flynn

We reinvented an old flea market dresser, turning it into a combination bedside table and pet bed. To do so, we cut out the bottom two drawers, relined the inset with beadboard, then painted the entire unit a fun color. Finally we added an inviting cushion, making it a perfect hideaway for a small dog or cat.

Materials and Tools:

wooden dresser
sandpaper or sanding block
HVLP paint sprayer
reciprocating saw
drop cloth
3/4 sheet of plywood
tape measure
circular saw
drawer hardware
nail gun and nails

Remove Drawers

Remove two bottom drawers from dresser.

Remove Center Brace and Fascia

Use screwdriver or drill to remove center brace. Next, remove horizontal fascia using reciprocating saw.

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