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How to Paint Numbers Onto Glass Bottles (page 1 of 2)

We spray-painted numbers onto clear glass bottles to serve as table-number identifiers at a wedding reception. You can make these for any occasion — or just to decorate your kitchen.

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Courtesy of She-n-He Photography

Vintage-style, flip-top bottles are easy to decorate and add charm to any table setting. Fill them with spring water, wine or juice to allow guests to serve themselves at a dinner party, brunch or wedding reception.

Tools and Materials
glass water bottle
printable number stencils
clear contact paper
craft knife
spray paint

Print the Number Stencil

Download and print the number template on card stock, and then carefully cut out numbers.

Create Contact Paper Stencil

Cut piece of contact paper to measure as tall as water bottle. In center of piece of contact paper, trace card stock number. Use craft knife to carefully cut number out of contact paper.

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