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How to Paint Carpeting (page 2 of 3)

Save money on flooring — learn how to turn plain carpeting into a custom area rug.

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Lay Down Tape and Cover Beyond

Press the painter's tape down firmly into the rug to help keep the upholstery spray paint from leaking underneath it. Use two strips for extra coverage. Then cover the rug on each side of the tape VERY well. We used another drop cloth and brown paper to make sure the paint's spray didn't get past the intended stripe. Cover at least a minimum of six inches on both sides of the tape.

Apply Paint

Spray flat and straight. Do not shake the paint can over the stripe. Evenly spread out the spray paint. Do not go heavy because it will drip off of the painter's tape onto the rug. If it seems to puddle a little on the tape, use a rag to carefully dab it off. Let it dry completely. A second coat may be necessary in some areas. Follow the instructions on the can.

Work Out From the Ends

Move to the other side of the rug and continue working while the first side is drying.