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How to Paint Carpeting (page 1 of 3)

Save money on flooring — learn how to turn plain carpeting into a custom area rug.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

New area rugs can be very expense. Save some money and make a rug. We turned a plain, inexpensive carpet remnant into this gorgeous area rug with upholstery paint and a few rolls of painter's tape.

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Materials and Tools

4 to 5 large drop clothes
tape measure
carpet remnant — low pile, not Berber
Simply Spray Upholstery Paint (we used green, orange and blue)
5 to 6 rolls of painter's tape


Lay out the carpet remnant on the drop cloths. Make sure it is even and square at the edges.

Measure the Stripes

Start your striped pattern on one side by measuring out the width of your stripes. The painter's tape will cover some of the carpet, so remember to include it in your measuring.

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