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How to Paint a Geometric Design on a Dresser (page 3 of 3)

Find out how to customize an old dresser with your favorite colors and unique designs.

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Paint the Pattern

Use a small paintbrush (or sponge) to carefully paint the first color. We used the darker color in the centers and the lighter color on the outside. Try to dab more than spread, so the paint does not go under the painter's tape. Let dry and paint a second coat if necessary.

Remove Tape and Touch Up

When the paint is dry, carefully peel off the painter's tape. Lightly sand the drawers to remove any excess paint bumps. Use a small artist's paintbrush to fix any overlap or bleeding of colors. Let dry.

Add an Inner Pattern

We added a second pattern within the diamond shape to give our dresser a little more detail. Place stencil in the middle of the diamond and tape in place. Use flat-head sponge to dab on white paint. Let it dry, then remove the stencil.

Replace Hardware

Put handles back on the drawers or find some fun replacements.

Courtesy of Susan Teare

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