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How to Paint a Geometric Design on a Dresser (page 1 of 3)

Find out how to customize an old dresser with your favorite colors and unique designs.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

We found this old dresser at a secondhand shop. We gave it a fresh coat of white paint then painted a Moroccan-inspired design on the drawer faces.

Materials and Tools

tape measure
old wood dresser
paintbrushes of various sizes
artist's brush
painter's tape
2 colors of paint (we used Benjamin Moore's Skydive and Avalon Teal)
white paint
hand sander
sanding block and sandpaper
small patterned stencil

Prep the Piece

Remove drawer pulls and hardware. Use sandpaper (going with the grain) to remove the top layer of finish. Make sure to sand all the corners and crevices. This will help the new paint adhere better. After sanding, wipe down the dresser with a damp rag to clean off the dust and debris.

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