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How to Make Shelves From Old Wood Flooring (page 1 of 3)

Learn how repurpose salvaged wood into new wall shelves.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

With just a little prep, paint and some new shelf brackets, old floor boards became stylish storage.

Tools and Materials

chop saw
circular saw
drill gun, drywall screws and wood screws
tape measure
palm sander
10 to 12 pieces of vintage floor boards 9" to 12"
metal shelf brackets (depending on the number of shelves)
wood glue
paintbrush, paint (latex, eggshell)
wire brush

Determine Layout

Measure the area for the shelves, find where the wall studs are and measure out three inches from there. The shelf brackets must go into studs to be structurally sound, and should be no more than 3-feet long to handle the weight. Use a tape measure, stud finder and level to mark stud location and shelf placement.

Prep the Wood

Clean the wood boards with a wire brush and scraper. Fill nail holes with wood filler. Let it dry and sand the boards.

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