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How to Make Infused Simple Syrups

Infused simple syrups are an easy and exciting way to instantly punch up any beverage. Gift them individually or bundle all three flavors for your lucky recipients.

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Holiday Gift of Simple Syrup
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Make Simply Syrup and Assemble

To make classic simple syrup, boil one part sugar and two parts water in a pot until sugar is completely dissolved. Drop a handful of mint into a glass bottle and then use a funnel to fill the bottle with plain simple syrup. Leave the bottle open for 20 minutes to avoid clouding with steam. Wipe away any moisture from outside the bottle. Wrap striped ribbon around bottle to measure its circumference and cut to length. Use double-sided tape to attach the ribbon to the bottle and to attach a corresponding label where the two ribbon ends meet. Repeat with cranberries and vanilla beans.



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