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How to Make His-and-Hers Vanity Cabinets (page 2 of 3)

Add personality and graphic impact to cabinets, an armoire or a dresser with trim and plywood silhouettes.

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Paint Background Color

Using roller and roller sleeve, apply the background color to the interior and exterior of the cabinet. Two coats is often the perfect amount to ensure a great finish.

Measure for Trim Pieces

Using a tape measure, determine the proper dimensions needed for the trim pieces that will go around the edges of door fronts.

Miter Cut the Trim

Using a chop saw, cut 45-degree angles into the top and bottom edges of the trim. Sand any rough edges, then wipe away residue.

Spray-Paint the Trim

Attach a spray-can handle to can of spray paint, then apply an even coat of paint by moving back and forth in a slow, controlled manner.

Tip: By spray-painting the trim before attaching it to the door front, a perfectly clean edge is made where the bottom of the trim will meet the door fronts.