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How to Make His-and-Hers Vanity Cabinets (page 1 of 3)

Add personality and graphic impact to cabinets, an armoire or a dresser with trim and plywood silhouettes.

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Materials and Tools

flat-panel cabinet, armoire or dresser
1x3 trim to border the cabinet doors
3/4" paint-grade plywood
spray paint with a spray-can handle
semigloss latex paint and paint tray
paint roller and a roller sleeve
paint-grade plywood
electric sander with extra sanding pads
sanding block
drill with wood screws
caulk gun with liquid bonding adhesive
damp cloth
safety goggles and a dusk mask
miter saw

Choose the Piece

When choosing the proper piece, focus on cabinets, chests of drawers and dressers with flat-panel doors.

Remove Existing Finish

If necessary, use an electric sander to remove the existing finish. When you get it smoothed out, wipe off the dust and residue with a damp cloth.

Apply a Coat of Primer

Using paint roller and roller sleeve, add a coat of stain-blocking primer to interior and exterior of the cabinet. Tinted stain-blocking primer (which often comes in gray or brown tones) will ensure that imperfections or wood knots will not show through the newly painted finish.

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