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How to Make Halloween Lanterns (page 1 of 2)

This Halloween, greet trick-or-treaters in style by lining your walkway with picture-frame lanterns filled with vintage-style drawings.

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These spooky lanterns cost very little to make. Black-and-white drawings found on the internet were printed on vellum paper and inserted in secondhand 8 x 10 picture frames. The frames were then fastened together to make a square, and then a candle was placed inside.

Materials and Tools:

flathead screwdriver
painter's tarp
picture frames ( we used 12 frames to make 3 lanterns)
white vellum paper
clear packing tape
black duct tape
black craft paint and paintbrush
black spray paint (matte)
3 votive candles

Gather the Frames

For each lantern, use four picture frames that are all the same size. We were lucky to find a bunch of standard-size frames at a resale shop. Discount stores often carry basic frames that will cost just a dollar or two.

Prep the Frames

Remove the matting and glass from the frame and set aside. Keep the brackets or nails that hold the glass in place.

Paint the Frame

Lay the frames out on a tarp and spray them with black spray paint. Let dry and then turn them over to spray the back and sides.

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